Monthly Archives: February 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned – Ruby, AZ

In January 2013, we visited Tucson Arizona. On our final day, we headed out to try to find Ruby, AZ, a ghost town we’d seen references to on the radio. It was a true adventure as we had a vague idea of its location on the Mexican border. Stopping in to ask here and there, we finally made the drive across 6 miles of passable dirt roads through cattle country to this former mining town. A caretaker collected a small fee, had us sign releases, and warned us about rattlesnakes. It was pretty cool to explore the crumbling buildings and drop a penny down the mineshaft. It was one of our better adventures.

San Diego: Attention to Detail

I’ve posted several set of photos of the architecture and sites of San Diego. This gallery is the last set. The photos are not from a single place but represent the small details that I found in those places. Often it is the small things that give a place character.