Daily Prompt: Progress

Stump by Christopher OKeefe
Stump, a photo by Christopher OKeefe on Flickr.

What would I like to see when I look back on my blog next year? More local shots.

Last year was a great year for travel, but lately I’ve heard many seasoned photographers urge not to miss to beauty closer to home. I am experimenting with that a bit.

This was taken at the conservation land near our home.

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Progress

  1. Gleaner Hall Ltd

    I’ve been shooting only those things in my environment and honestly, it gives you new insight and an appreciation for what’s there. You really do look at things around you differently. You begin to appreciate the beauty in the things you kind of take for granted (because you’re so used to seeing them).
    lovely grays and whites in your image, the contrasts are very nice.

  2. milfordstreet Post author

    Maureen: Thank you for the feedback based on your experiment and your kind words about my photos. Travel photography is great and I would never want to give it up, but also feel the same desire you have not to miss the beauty all around us. Thanks for the comment Chris

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