4 thoughts on “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas…..

  1. Kim13

    I love that bridge..and the many others in the area. I was surprised that after reading today’s prompt that I was unable to recall one time of “rage” in my life…Okay, I thought of one time I was enraged, but why bring that up in the midst of this peaceful day? I will find something else to post about. Love your photo…as always.

  2. milfordstreet Post author

    Thank you. Yeah, I’ve felt rage but certainly was not in the mood to capture it in a “Kodak moment”. I’d rather show something pretty like this. I wanted to put up the photo taken on Sunday of our town’s Christmas tree, but did not have it already loaded on to Flickr or on this computer. I’ll sneak it in some day in the next week.


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