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Daily Prompt: Clean House

Junk as Art - Channel Islands

Junk as Art – Channel Islands

Junk or art? This photo was shot on a day trip to Channel Islands National Park off the California coast. Prior to becoming a park, the island was a sheep ranch. The antique, worn out equipment was brought to the area near the visitor center and what some would consider “junk” is often photographed as “art”.

Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow

Wedding Party at Stanley Park

Wedding Party at Stanley Park

This wedding party marching through Vancouver’s Stanley Park to the music of New Orlean’s style jazz was full of LIFE.

You can see the low quality, yet entertaining video on my Flickr account:

Three Sheep – Westman Islands

Three Sheep - Vestmannaeyjar Iceland

Three Sheep – Vestmannaeyjar Iceland

As we approached the pasture, she said, “Pull in at the gate.”

It was a rainy Sunday on the Westman Islands off the coast of Iceland. The rain and wind made hiking a less than desirable option, though I did manage to hike to the top of one of the volcanos. We had been trying to get a good photo of sheep all week and that is when we approached this pasture.

Well, sheep are used to seeing vehicles pull up to the gate, usually when it is feeding time. They saw us and figured it was dinner time. The whole flock came rushing towards the gate with these three in the lead. There was just enough time to get out my camera to get this photo. BTW: Sheep are smart. After two minutes of “bah-ing,” they realized that we were not there to feed them and wandered off again.

Street Photography: Beer Garden

Lowell Folk Festival  - Beer Garden

Lowell Folk Festival – Beer Garden

This was another of my early attempts at street photography at the Lowell Folk Festival. One thing I like about it is with looking at the clothes of the man no the left, this could have been taken many years ago – though the sign in the background for a $6 beer and the other man’s camo pants are a bit of a give away.

Daily Prompt: Practice Makes Perfect?

Joaquin Diaz Band - Merengue

Joaquin Diaz Band – Merengue

When you mention the word “talent”, it brings to mind the wealth of talent a local music festival brings to our area including the man pictured here, a member of Joaquin Diaz’s Merengue Band.